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The Ophthalmology Research Foundation has three translational research groups (eye surface, retinal neurobiology and eye disease genetics) working in four laboratories equipped with the latest technology.


Amongst its equipment, the advanced microscopy unit and the animal experimentation unit, which has an experimental operating room equipped with Excimer laser, may be highlighted.

In addition, the ORF´s various laboratories are equipped with rotation and freeze-cut (cryostat) microtomes, as well as a specular endothelial microscope, protein and nucleic acid detection systems by electrophoresis, a capillary electrophoresis DNA) and a gel photo documentation system, without forgetting several thermocyclers and RT-PCR.

Also notable among its equipment is a cell culture unit consisting of a primary culture room and a cell line room, and a cryopreservation unit equipped with deep freezers and a liquid nitrogen cryopreservation system.