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Dra. Natalia Vázquez Moreno

  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Universidad de Oviedo.
  • Research Sufficiency. Doctorate Program in Functional and Clinical Biology. Department of Functional Biology. Universidad de Oviedo.
  • Honorary Collaborator in the Functional Biology Department. Animal Physiology section. Universidad de Oviedo.
  • Collaboration on Internship at Servicio Regional de Investigación y Desarrollo Agroalimentario (SERIDA), field of Animal Genetics and Reproduction.
  • Researcher in the Cellular Transplant and Therapy Laboratory. Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias. Oviedo.
  • Has made publications and contributed to seminars and conferences.
  • Participation in R&D projects: “Development and optimisation of corneas by means of advanced treatments, new materials derived from silk for their use in reconstruction of the ocular surface and keratoplasty. [IPT-2012-1029-010000]”, “Employment of scaffolds generated by “organ printing” technology in the development of artificial cornea endothelia. [IDE/2012/000302]”.
  • Currently performing in her role as a pre-doctoral researcher at Unidad de Superficie Ocular, Fundación de Investigación Oftalmológica.