Dr. Ignacio Alcalde Domínguez

  • Graduate, Biological Sciences, Universidad de Salamanca (año 2000).
  • Doctor in Neurobiology at University of Valladolid, with the qualification of Outstanding, Cum Laude (in the year 2012).
  • Has been professor of Histology, of Biology and Cellular Biology at Universidad de Valladolid (2007-2011).
  • Currently Head Researcher for the Grupo de Investigación en Degeneración y Regeneración Nerviosa en la Superficie Ocular  (NEUROSURFACE), at Instituto Universitario Fernández-Vega and oversees the Histology and Microscopy department of Fundación de Investigación  Oftalmológica.
  • Heads projects for research into nerve lesion and regeneration on the ocular surface and treatment of neuropathic ocular pain.
  • Has published numerous scientific articles in specialised magazines, in the field of tissue repair and nerve regeneration.
  • Is the coordinator of Research Seminars at IUFV, yearly assignment of the Continued Training Program in Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences (2011-2017).
  • Is associate member of the Instituto de Neurociencias del Principado de Asturias  and Academic Correspondent for the Real Academia de Medicina y Cirugía de Valladolid.
  • In continued collaborations with University of L’Aquila (Italia), University of Valladolid (Grupo de Investigación Reconocido (GIR), recognised research group, in Neurobiology), Instituto de Neurociencias de Castilla y León.
  • Member and proponent of the Good Practices work group for the Reference Site of Asturias, regarding Active and Healthy Aging.

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