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Dr. Ronald Mauricio Sánchez Ávila   “Studying at the IUFV is one of the best and most fulfilling experiences a doctor can include in their training. You can undertake it through various different programs: As a Doctorate, Master’s, Experts, Courses, as well as both clinical and research stays”.

Graduate of Medicine and Surgery from Universidad Nacional de Colombia.
Presently concluding specialisation in Ophthalmology at Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA). Is a Doctor of Regenerative Medicine from Instituto Universitario Fernández-Vega (IUFV). Dr. Jesús Merayo as thesis supervisor. Is beginning “Retina and Vitreous Body Fellowship” at Instituto Universitario Fernández-Vega, Universidad de Oviedo. 


Why did you decide to come to Spain for your studies?

This country has a strong tradition and high level in Ophthalmology. One of the best recognised institutions in ophthalmological research, for its scientific and clinical endeavours is Instituto Universitario Fernández-Vega (IUFV) and I therefore decided to do my doctorate and my Fellowship here.


How did you find out about Instituto Universitario Fernández-Vega?

I’m concluding my residency in Hospital Universitario Central de Asturias (HUCA). There I met Dr. Jesús Merayo, through Dr. Begoña Baamonde. I spoke with the doctor and me offered me the opportunity of beginning my Thesis in “Regenerative Medicina”. Thanks to Doctor Merayo, who is my thesis director, I have kept my researching spirit lively and active, especially in translational medicine.



Since when do you have an interest in research?

I have always had an interest in medical research applied to ophthalmology. I therefore began my specialisation at HUCA and since the very beginning had a particular interest in retina and vitreous humour.
In order to learn more about this sub-specialty, I decided to study for the Fellowship in Retina and Vitreous Body at the IUFV with the Unit Director, Álvaro Fernández-Vega Sanz, who with his great clinical, surgical and research expertise and his human quality, has been a mentor to me during this learning process, along with Dr. Eva Villota. 
The training process as a doctor never ends and in an effort to offer a greater level of well-being to our patients, I continue to take part in research projects with the tutelage of my mentors.

Why did you decide to study at the IUFV?

IUFV is an institution with great national and international recognition in the treatment of all kinds of ophthalmological illnesses. It meets the comprehensive care needs of the patient, with quality and efficiency, offering the latest therapeutic alternatives with the greatest and most up-to-date scientific rigor. Furthermore, the IUFV features the possibility of applying translational medicine, in other words, developing innovative therapies in basic research that can very soon after be applied clinically. It is a differentiating factor that is important nowadays, in contrast to other centres, as the patient’s anatomic and functional recovery time is crucial. 

What would you say to your work colleagues? 

I’d encourage them to come. It is one of the most rewarding choices a doctor could wish to have in his development. You can undertake it through various programs: You can take it through various different programs: As a Doctorate, Master’s, Experts, Courses, as well as both clinical and research stays”. 


It is incredible how much you can grow as a person and a professional. It is without a doubt among the best decisions I have made in my life to date. The work atmosphere is wonderful, the human quality is incredible, the scientific rigor very high, so I again recommend they come and keep improving. 

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