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Scholarships and research trips

On this page, you will find all the information about the scholarships available for undertaking training with us, as well as concerning the research fellowship. 


You can consult the information on scholarships available through the following links:

  • “Development and optimization of corneas by means of advanced therapies and new materials derived from silk for their use in reconstruction of the ocular surface and keratoplasties”. 
  • “Protocol to Test the Effectiveness of Purified (extract) Tea Tree Oil ophthalmic product (TTO) to Kill Demodex Mites”. 
  • “New approaches for the diagnosis, treatment and regeneration of ocular surface pathology”. 
  • Pre-doctoral Research Scholarship 
  • Pre-doctoral fellowship in biomedicine

Research Fellowship The research projects of the FIO and the IOFV generate a high teaching capacity that can be employed for the training of researchers.

Although most of them study regulated programmes such as the University of Oviedo doctorate or pre-doctoral contracts, they may also stay in the FIO / IOFV. These investigators will contact a Principal Researcher to define tasks during their stay.
The Research and Teaching Commission of IOFV-FIO will evaluate the applications of the candidates and will resolve, within one month, the authorization of their research stay at our centre.

Requirements for processing a Research:

  1. Request from the interested party addressed to the research and teaching director of the FIO.
  2. CV of the interested party.
  3. Three letters of recommendation according to the attached format (one of them from the Principal Researcher with whom you are going to carry out the stay) that you can download in this link.
  4. Details of the stay:
    1. Scholarships or source of finance for the applicant.
    2. Finance for research project.
    3. Draft research project.
    4. Duration.
    5. Insurance.



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