Yissel Arango Arroyave - Fundación de Investigación Oftalmológica

Dra. Yissel Arango Arroyave  “I would advise my fellow ophthalmologists to study at the Fernández-Vega University Institute.” 

A third-year resident ophthalmologist at the University of Antioquia, Medellin (Colombia), Yissel has taken the course “Expert in Ocular Immunology and Uveitis” at the Fernández-Vega University Institute, University of Oviedo.


Why did you decide to take this course with us? 

Because I wanted to learn more in the subject area of ophthalmology and ocular inflammation directed by Dr. Jesus Merayo, whom I met on the La Foscal course, a clinic in Bucaramanga (Colombia), where the doctor was giving talks about uveitis, and his lecture seemed so interesting that I decided to come here to learn from him all about this specialisation.


How was your experience? 

It has been very gratifying because I have learned a lot, since I have been working hand in hand with Dr. Merayo and I have seen many patients with him in consultation m who had uveitis. I have been able to examine them and learn from the doctor how to make a diagnosis and define the most appropriate treatment for the patient.






Yes, because I had already thought that when I finished the MIR or Residence I wanted to specialize in this area of ophthalmology, but when taking this course here, I have confirmed that I really like to define the diagnosis of these patients who present uveitis or other inflammation, and above all help them in their treatment so that they improve.


Of course, because the best way to gain experience and knowledge is to work together with the expert and Dr. Merayo is excellent in this field and a very good teacher. He has been able to explain the whole process from the time the patient arrives to the consultation.
First, we review the medical history together, study what history it has, what tests have been performed, and then see the patient personally. We talk to him or her, the doctor performs an examination through the slit lamp and looks at the back of the eye. Meanwhile, he explains step by step what he sees in the patient´s eyes Then I examine the patient. Finally, the diagnosis and treatment of the patient is defined. Therefore, I recommend my ophthalmologist colleagues to come to the Fernández-Vega University Institute to study here, and not only this specialisation but others such as retina, glaucoma or anterior segment, since I have met many colleagues who are doing masters or doctorates here and they are very happy.

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