Ophthalmological Research Foundation - Retina Neurobiology Unit - Instituto Oftalmológico Fernández Vega




Principal researcher: Prof. Neville N. Osborne

Postdoctoral researchers: Dra. Susana del Olmo Aguado

Pre-doctoral researchers​:

  • Dña. Claudia Núñez Álvarez
  • Dña. Carlota Suárez Barrio

Researcher employee: Dña. Raquel Martínez Vázquez

Research intern​: Dña Ana Sofía Álvarez

Neurobiology Retina Unit

The Neurobiology Retina Unit is directed by Neville Osborne and the researcher Susana del Olmo is also a member. This project began in the summer of 2009. During the first three months, Susana del Olmo was in Oxford, where she learnt Molecular and Cellular Biology techniques for later development at the Foundation's laboratory.
Since November 2009, the Neurobiology Unit has been equipped and adapted to the needs of this research. The cultivation and maintenance of an immortalized line of retinal ganglion cells has been developed and the same task has been initiated with a second cell line.



This unit studies the mechanisms of cell death that occur at the level of ganglionic cells when they cause damage, and the effect of treatment with various drugs and / or substances.

Proteomics is the tool that is currently being used to understand which proteins and action mechanisms certain types of cells in the retina have, and which are implicated in many retinal complaints (glaucoma, DMAE, etc.).

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