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Mairobi Persinal Medina

  • Born in 1992 in the Dominican Republic, living in Mieres, Asturias since 1999.
  • Degree in Biotechnology (2011-2015) and master’s in Biomedicine and Molecular Oncology (2015-2016) at Universidad de Oviedo.
  • Began working on the development of human bio-ink using human tissue, during her first master’s degree.
  • Began her doctorate in the past year at IUFV, focusing on the development of human bio-ink by Álvaro Meana  (Centro Comunitario de sangre y Tejidos de Asturias, IOFV, Universidad de Oviedo), Jesús Merayo (Universidad de Oviedo, IOFV, IUFV, FIO) and Sara Llames (Centro Comunitario de sangre y Tejidos de Asturias).
  • Continued her studies at IUFV with a master’s in Regenerative Medicine and Advanced Treatments (since 09/2016).
  • Furthermore, contributes to the HUMANINKS project through FIO, the project having been approved this year by IDEPA.

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